Martina Carroll-Garrison

As a Georgetown trained Executive Leadership Coach, Dr. Tina helps you manifest your highest and most joyful work life through her philosophy of coaching the whole person. Her unique gift is helping you as a professional overcome challenges by intentionally and thoughtfully changing your emotional state. Through coaching Dr. Tina facilitates exploration of your professional dissatisfaction towards achieving a significant breakthrough; moving to tangible actions designed to secure measurable and fulfilling results. As a former federal government professional, Dr. Tina has overcome many professional obstacles while in pursuit of her professional goals as a leader, and now offers you her insights as a coach. Besides being an International Coaching Federation certified coach, Dr. Tina completed the Georgetown University Executive Coaching Training Program, and has earned a Doctorate in Management from the University of Phoenix, and two Master’s Degrees; the first in Resource Strategy from the National Defense University’s Industrial College of The Armed Forces, and, and the other in Global Strategy from Excelsior College. Her first credentials include a Diploma in Civil Engineering and a BSc in Management - she is a life-long learner, a seasoned leader and a committed coach, mentor and teacher. Her current JOB is as an independent Executive Leadership Coach, and this is her life’s’ passion. She aspires to share her experiences and insights to help you with your professional growth and advancement. Visit Dr. Tina at to explore a free coaching executive session she can offer you.

Article Submissions

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