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I am a specialist in Magento extension development. I have helped several store-owners in achieving their business goals with custom Magento extensions and plugins. Connect with me to know more about incredible Magento modules that will take your business to the pinnacle of success.

Article Submissions

Medicines and Remedies How to improve the effectiveness of Acupuncture Therapy? | Posted on 2021-03-09 08:06:00 TCM practitioners use acupuncture to help relieve pain and treat different ailments. Did you know you can combine acupuncture with massage oils, moxa rolls, and Chinese h... Read more.. 0
Arts and Crafts Good News! We have found the Best Tattoo Aftercare Solution! | Posted on 2021-03-22 08:08:35 Did you know petroleum jelly was a primary product for tattoo aftercare? However, times are changing, and there are many products out there to ensure better healing. Let ... Read more.. 0
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Medicines and Remedies How to make your Private Label Teeth Whitening Brand Stand Out? | Posted on 2021-05-11 07:42:48 Make your teeth whitening business successful with private label packaging. Find out how to ensure successful custom packaging of your products. This comprehensive guide ... Read more.. 0
Arts and Crafts Ink It Safe: Gorilla Tattoo Shop Safety Essentials and PPE Products | Posted on 2021-05-16 08:09:04 Before you open your tattoo shop for business, buy tattoo safety essentials for your workplace. Learn why Gorilla brand is the number one choice of tattoo professionals f... Read more.. 0
Arts and entertainment White Ink Tattoos: All About the Latest Tattoo Trend of 2021 | Posted on 2021-05-19 07:55:41 If you want a unique design and not the traditional black tattoo or a design with bold colors, choose white tattoo ink options. It is one of the best additions to the tat... Read more.. 0
Medicines and Remedies How to Increase Revenue with Chairside Teeth Whitening? | Posted on 2021-05-21 02:15:38 Americans prefer professional in-office teeth whitening treatments over other options because they trust the ability and expertise of their dentists. By introducing chair... Read more.. 0
Internet Auto Parts Search made Easy with Year Make Model Extension | Posted on 2021-05-24 07:34:39 Do you run an auto parts store? Having a robust Product Parts Finder will enhance the customer experience and benefit you as well. Find out the many advantages of the Mag... Read more.. 0
Automotive From Halogen to LED Headlights: The Essential DIY Upgrade | Posted on 2021-05-25 07:56:42 Did you know you can upgrade the LED headlights on your own without the need of a mechanic? Use a premium LED headlight conversion kit to move away from stock halogen bul... Read more.. 0
Medicines and Remedies MOQ Tips for Private Label Teeth Whitening Startups | Posted on 2021-05-27 08:00:06 Did you know MOQs or Minimum Order Quantities are an essential part of the private label teeth whitening business? If you are a startup, become familiar with MOQs and lea... Read more.. 0
Internet How to use Transactional Emails to Retain Existing Customers? | Posted on 2021-06-03 07:26:17 Transactional emails are much more than for providing the estimated date of shipping. Learn how different post-purchase emails can enhance the customer shopping experienc... Read more.. 0
Wellness, Fitness and Diet How Whitening Toothpaste Tablets are the Solution for Eco-Friendly Cus | Posted on 2021-06-04 07:51:26 Keep tabs on the latest trend of the dental whitening industry! Stay competitive and introduce eco-friendly, convenient, and TSA-approved whitening toothpaste tablets to ... Read more.. 0
Wellness, Fitness and Diet Top Reasons Behind the Growing Popularity of Teeth Whitening | Posted on 2021-06-08 08:13:09 With growing social media influence, there is a rising demand for teeth whitening solutions among Millennials and Generation Z. If you are looking for a startup venture i... Read more.. 0
Internet How to improve Sales with Magento Product Attachments Extension? | Posted on 2021-06-11 08:18:49 With Magento Product Attachments Extension, you can display precise and comprehensive product information to convince customers. Ensure a better shopping experience by up... Read more.. 0
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Internet Abandoned Cart Email: 5 Strategies to curb the Menace of Cart Abandonm | Posted on 2020-03-17 04:29:53 Looking to curb the menace of abandoned carts? Installing a Magento extension won’t be enough. Understand why customers are leaving the checkout process half way. Find ... Read more.. 0
Internet Magento Migration: Have you given a Thought to Theme Migration? | Posted on 2020-03-31 09:00:56 Now that the June 2020 deadline is near, it is best to begin the migration process for your Magento 1 store. During the migration, you will have to make a decision about ... Read more.. 0
Wellness, Fitness and Diet A Complete Guide to using Teeth Whitening Pens | Posted on 2020-04-07 08:00:11 The business of teeth whitening is very serious. Providing pearly white smiles to your clients means you deliver the right products and explain them the right procedure t... Read more.. 0
Wellness, Fitness and Diet Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Products: Why does it make sense fo | Posted on 2020-04-10 01:51:55 Still on the fence about adding activated charcoal teeth whitening products to your list of products? Well, as a business, you need to consider the needs of your customer... Read more.. 0
Wellness, Fitness and Diet How to use Teeth Whitening Syringes and Trays for Maximum Brightness? | Posted on 2020-04-12 04:31:12 Teeth whitening trays can deliver great results if you choose the right products and follow the application procedure accurately. Get detailed answers to all your doubts ... Read more.. 0
Arts and Crafts How to choose a Tattoo Machine for your New Tattoo Parlor? | Posted on 2020-04-22 03:32:01 Find out everything you need to know about tattoo machines with this comprehensive guide. Use the knowledge to make wise buying decisions and equip your tattoo business w... Read more.. 0
Medical Business Acupuncture Needles: Essential for the Success of Acupuncture Treatmen | Posted on 2020-04-22 04:33:47 Acupuncture needles may seem to be an insignificant part of the TCM practice. However, the right type of acupuncture needles can help an acupuncturist in treating his pat... Read more.. 0
Medicines and Remedies Is Teeth Whitening Safe? | Posted on 2020-04-28 04:31:55 Teeth whitening products are known to remove stains from your teeth and give you a brighter, whiter smile. But do they cause any side effects? Are teeth whitening treatme... Read more.. 0
Medicines and Remedies TCM Therapy: Treatment Methods to balance the Qi | Posted on 2020-04-29 08:21:37 Traditional Chinese Medicine practices adopt a holistic approach to improve the general health and wellbeing of the body. Understand different types of treatment modaliti... Read more.. 0
Arts and entertainment Like it; Ink It: Tips on choosing the Best Tattoo Inks for you | Posted on 2020-05-02 07:55:49 Apart from the tattoo artist’s talent and creativity, it is also essential to focus on tattoo supplies. Learn how to buy professional tattoo ink that best suits your st... Read more.. 0
Medicines and Remedies Teeth Whitening Pens: Capture a Large Share of the Dental Consumer Mar | Posted on 2020-05-05 08:21:52 When it comes to teeth whitening treatments, many customers prefer OTC products. As a dentist, dental hygienist or businessman in the cosmetic dental industry, you must k... Read more.. 0
Medicines and Remedies How Can Teeth Whitening Products Supplement your Salon Business Perfec | Posted on 2020-05-26 07:22:17 If you are looking for new ways to generate revenue for your salon business, we have the perfect solution for you: Teeth Whitening Services. Learn five reasons why teeth ... Read more.. 0
Arts and Crafts How to sustain Tattoo Salons in the Times of Covid-19? | Posted on 2020-05-30 02:41:03 Many business owners are struggling to find a balance in the current economic situation. Owning a tattoo salon means being in close contact with your clients and the rule... Read more.. 0
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Business Teeth Whitening: An Opportunity for Dentists and DSOs to expand their | Posted on 2020-06-27 02:35:00 Providing dental whitening solutions at your clinic will give your patients access to quality, reliable and effective treatments and will increase your profit margins. ... Read more.. 0
Internet Get Online; Sell more Wine: Tips for Building an Online Wine Store | Posted on 2020-07-01 07:36:44 Are you ready to sell wine online? It’s a wise decision to build a Magento e-commerce store to sell more to wine enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs across the globe. Tak... Read more.. 0
Medicines and Remedies Teeth Whitening Strips: Tips for getting the Best Whitening Results | Posted on 2020-07-13 07:54:15 Teeth whitening strips are very popular among consumers for enhancing their smiles. When you are using dental whitening strips, it is essential to follow the instructions... Read more.. 0
Medical Business Build your Business: Choose the Best Teeth Whitening Products to Sell | Posted on 2020-07-30 02:30:01 Are you ready to start selling teeth whitening products? Amidst the growing uncertainty of the world in the face of Novel Coronavirus, you need to make strategic decision... Read more.. 0
Business Private Label Hand Sanitizer: Explore the Business of Custom Branded H | Posted on 2020-08-14 08:08:14 Hand sanitizers are not just for the medical sector anymore, its use has spread far and wide. And, with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer sales are rising phen... Read more.. 0
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Arts and Crafts Tattoo Aftercare Tips: Prevent Infections; Keep your Tattoo Vibrant fo | Posted on 2020-08-20 08:15:44 Prevent skin infections and ensure the beauty of your tattoo by taking adequate care. Find out how to heal your skin and maintain the vibrancy of your tattoo for years to... Read more.. 0
Business At-Home Teeth Whitening Solutions: Ensuring the Success of Dental Clin | Posted on 2020-08-27 01:59:53 The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every economic activity. And, dental clinics are no different. In addition to providing a safe chairside treatment to patients, dental ... Read more.. 0
Medicines and Remedies Chinese Herbal Therapy Products: Treat Ailments with Natural Herbs | Posted on 2020-08-29 02:26:29 According to TCM therapy, herbal medicine has the potential to heal and balance the lifeforce in one’s body. Learn more about Chinese herbal medicine and find out how i... Read more.. 0
Medicines and Remedies The Ancient Healing Practice of Acupuncture: Your Questions Answered | Posted on 2020-08-31 07:46:02 Practiced by Chinese healers for more than 2000 years, acupuncture focuses on maintaining the balance of energy, Qi, or chi. Read this guide to find out more about the an... Read more.. 0
Arts and Crafts MadaCide: Making the Tattoo Experience Hygienic for your Patrons | Posted on 2020-09-26 02:05:18 As tattoos include the insertion of needles into the skin, both the tattoo artist and the clients get exposed to blood-borne pathogens and infections of different kinds. ... Read more.. 0
Internet Magento – A Versatile E-Commerce Platform to build your Online Presenc | Posted on 2020-10-02 07:48:33 With the increase in the COVID-19 crisis throughout the world, the impact on retail business is significant. Businesspersons have started focusing on e-commerce as they a... Read more.. 0
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Arts and Crafts Tattoo Studio Furniture Essentials: How to set up your Tattoo Salon? | Posted on 2020-10-23 08:00:01 When it comes to buying tattoo studio furniture, comfort, appearance, and safety become essential. With the right furniture pieces, you can make the tattoo experience ple... Read more.. 0
Medicines and Remedies Chinese Herbal Medicine: Different Ways to administer Chinese Herbs | Posted on 2020-10-24 02:02:45 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) covers a wide array of practices to heal the body and ensure its well-being. One of them is Chinese herbal medicines. Find out various ... Read more.. 0
Wellness, Fitness and Diet Acupuncture Needles: Choosing the Right Needle Size for Treating Pain | Posted on 2020-10-27 02:31:57 When you are practicing acupuncture therapy on your patients, it is imperative to choose the right needle size. Learn what different types of acupuncture needle sizes are... Read more.. 0
Medical Business How to choose Acupuncture Needles based on the Handles? | Posted on 2020-11-06 08:09:54 Do you want to buy acupuncture needles? Other than the length and thickness of the needles, there is one more factor that needs your attention. Acupuncture needle handles... Read more.. 0
Arts and Crafts Must-Have Piercing Tools for your Body Piercing and Jewelry store! | Posted on 2020-11-12 08:16:16 Piercing is not just about helping the client choose the right piercing and the right jewelry, but it also involves using the best tools to ensure great-looking results! ... Read more.. 0
Medicines and Remedies What to expect from your Massage Appointment in Times of COVID-19? | Posted on 2020-12-11 07:50:25 In these stressful times of the COVID-19 pandemic, when people are under tremendous stress and tension, a spa-day can provide much-needed peace of mind and relaxation. Fi... Read more.. 0
Medicines and Remedies Spa Teeth Whitening Solutions: How to expand your Business Successfull | Posted on 2020-12-12 07:35:26 Do you want to expand your spa business and generate more revenue? Teeth whitening can be a lucrative choice for you. Whether you sell teeth whitening products at your sa... Read more.. 0
Business Why do Modern Tattoo Artists prefer Tattoo Pen Machines? | Posted on 2020-12-13 07:24:55 Pen-style tattoo machines are a game-changer in the tattoo industry. Tattoo pens have made it possible for the artists to take their skills to the next level. If you are ... Read more.. 0
Wellness, Fitness and Diet Launch Quick and Easy Teeth Whitening Solutions this Holiday Season | Posted on 2021-01-05 02:30:53 We are officially entering the Holiday Season. And, customers are looking for easy-to-use teeth whitening products that offer stunning results without going for chair-sid... Read more.. 0
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Medical Business Teeth Whitening Business: Top Multi-Channel E-commerce Strategies for | Posted on 2021-01-20 08:26:38 Teeth whitening is a lucrative business and with a multi-channel e-commerce strategy, you can make it even more profitable. Learn why it makes sense to sell your products... Read more.. 0
Medicines and Remedies Maintaining the Perfect White Teeth after a Whitening Treatment | Posted on 2021-01-22 08:12:51 Are you in the business of teeth whitening solutions? Explain the essential dentist-approved tips to your target audience so that they can maintain a stunning smile for y... Read more.. 0
Arts and Crafts How to ensure Easy Gift Shopping for a Tattoo Enthusiast? | Posted on 2021-01-23 02:43:05 If you want to gift and show affection to your favorite tattoo enthusiast, we have got it covered for you! Do not struggle and spend thousands of dollars on expensive gif... Read more.. 0
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