liz weber

n the words of one client, "Liz Weber will help you see opportunities you never knew existed." A sought-after consultant, speaker, and seminar/workshop presenter, Liz is known for her candor, insights, and her ability to make the complex "easy." She creates clarity for her audiences during her results-oriented presentations and training sessions. Participants walk away from her sessions knowing how to implement the ideas she's shared not just once, but over and over to ensure continuous improvement and management growth and development. Known as The Dragon Lady of Leadership Accountabilityâ„¢, Liz has been there, done it, and learned from it. Whether speaking to corporate executives or government agency personnel, Liz's comments and insights on leadership and leadership accountability ring true. As the President of Weber Business Services, LLC, a management consulting, training, and speaking firm headquartered near Harrisburg, PA, Liz and her team of consultants provide strategic and succession planning, leadership development, training, and executive coaching to a variety of clients. Liz has supervised business activities in 139 countries and has consulted with organizations in over 20 countries. She has designed and facilitated conferences from Bangkok to Bonn and Tokyo to Tunis. Liz has taught for the Johns Hopkins University's Graduate School of Continuing Studies and the Georgetown University's Senior Executive Leadership Program.

Article Submissions

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